Why Should You Seek a Tree Expert’s Help?

Work involving huge materials pose a lot of danger and so does tree care and removal. If you are interested in tree removal for some reasons like emergencies caused by storms, tipping off a tree can be tricky. Taking down a tree requires the right inclination, right force, right equipment, right technique and of course most importantly the right people. As homeowners concerned of any tree concerns in residential areas, we sometimes take it in our own hands, however, let me give you some risks included when you try to do it on your own and skip the part of leaving the job to the pros.  

  1. Power Lines: Trees are not just big but also tall and with the height of a tree, it is possible for it to be nearer to the power lines than we imagine. Even if the power lines in your area are safe, it should always be taken into account that a wire is assumed as live for further safety purposes. Power lines can cause serious risks like electrocution. If you think the plastic covering the wire for insulation will keep you safe from being electrocuted, you’re in for danger because these coverings have been designed for weather purposes. 
  1. Equipment: Equipment involve in tree removal goes beyond the ladders or chainsaws. The most important equipment is the one that provides protection for the one working in the tree removal process. If you are lacking the protective gear you should be wearing, please opt for calling a tree expert near you or risk an injury.  
  1. Wood Condition: The condition of your tree is vital in the process of anything that involves your tree concerns. This is also the reason experts should handle tree concerns like trimming, pruning and removal because a sick tree can definitely hurt you when it’s hurt as well. When a tree is almost dying or decaying in any way and you’re no expert to be able to tell the difference between a healthy and sick tree, then you are putting yourself in danger. 
  1. Physics: One thing everyone has in common is physics and gravity. If ever the tree starts to fall when cut, you will have no control on what direction it chooses to fall. You can try and do your own physics experiment to estimate the location of fall, however it does not exactly land on the spot you had in your goal. Thus, taking the job to a professional with a lot of experience in the field will help in ditching an injury or worse perhaps destroying the yard you own. 


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to tree removal. Sure, you can handle the bush in your yard, but always seek a professional’s help in times of dealing with something bigger than yourself. If you have any tree concern, Lake Country tree trimming service can provide you a safe way to achieve your goal. Book an appointment today and get the help you need! 

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