The Proper Way of Installing Concrete Driveways

There’s a good way of installing concrete driveway and there’s the best way to go about it. When it comes to concrete driveway installation, the placing of drainage is very important. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most crucial aspects of driveway installation. It has to be done right during the or else you may have to call in the experts in concrete repair Austin to have it corrected.  

For a concrete driveway with improper drainage to be repaired, it may have to be removed completely. In other cases, replacing or regraded is sufficient. This is why you have to hire concrete repair contractors that are licensed. They are the ones who would give a guarantee on their work. So that when a problem like this arises, it will be corrected at no cost to you.  

Why is Drainage Important? 

Drainage is very important when it comes to concrete driveways because you don’t want the water to go in your garage or straight into your home. Those are the worstcase scenarios, which is why you may definitely want to begin the repairs. Water penetrating your home isn’t really one that can be ignored easily.  

If the water won’t go all the way down to the street, then there’s nothing left for you to do but to call the repair experts. Standing water is just as bad. Birdbaths will damage the surface and make the concrete weaker by the day. Usually, the company that installed your concrete will send in some of their men to handle the job. If there’s a guarantee on the installation, then they will do the job with no cost on your part.  

Taking Care of Concrete  

It’s important that you do regular maintenance on your concrete so it won’t get damaged after it has been repaired. Your warranty can only protect you for so long. When it lapses, you’ll have no choice but to shoulder all the repairs. To avoid the most expensive ones, here are the things that you can do:  

  1. Carefully remove snow

Snow removal can be a little tough on concrete driveways if not done right. If you have to do some snow plowing, don’t let the wheels spin without chains on the tires. Wheels spinning in place will lead to permanent scarring on the concrete’s surface. Your driveway will be very unsightly during spring.   

  1. Don’t park moving vans on your driveway. 

If possible, don’t let the moving van park on your driveway because it may cause a lot of strain on the concrete due to its weight. See if you can have the van parked on the street and just use a trolley to bring the stuff from your home to there.  

  1. Keepalltrucks away.  

Aside from moving vans, trucks have no place in your driveway as well. These trucks, especially the ones carrying trashare very heavy. They are known to destroy 6-inch parking lot. Just imagine what it can do to your 4-inch.   



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